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Lightweight Batteries

Alians värsting X8

Lightweight Batteries


Aliant , to take advantage of a new technology ...




Because they use a different technology than traditional products, lead acid - this will allow you to achieve a range of benefits such as a reduction in weight , takes up limited space , a time much higher , the total chargeability even after a long period of detention, a limited self discharge .


All these features are ideal for use as starting batteries for sport motorcycles , motocross , quads , jet- sky , vintage motorcycles and all cases in which the temporary use is not possible to successfully use a traditional battery .


Aliant batteries are charged to 100 % even after a full discharge , typical of a long break - using the correct charger Aliant : it is not a must to maintenance charge during the winter break in the garage. In fact , these batteries are not subject to sulfation or other thermo - chemical phenomena that are typical for lead batteries.


Loads very fast: it takes 30 minutes to load Aliant X2 from 0 to 100 %


 Aliant , always ready ...


 Aliant has a daily self-discharge less than 0.3% : this means that a complete discharge from 100% to 0 % is required 11 months under ideal conditions ( disconnected from the electrical system of the car !)


Aliant requires no modifications to the electrical system of your vehicle, just replace the existing battery with the one proposed by the configurator (link)


Aliant , long life finally within reach of all ...


Lithium cells are used to ensure maximum life available on the market today: laboratory testing and the experience carried out in collaboration with the University of Bologna can prove it. The duration of the batteries Aliant , defined in terms of number of complete cycles of charge and discharge at 100% , is 2000. All this results in a battery life equal to about five years. This result is not comparable to lead-acid batteries , which in some cases " do not survive the first winter ... " In practice, purchase a battery Aliant , the increased cost is paid in the form of longer life and greater durability.


Aliant , safe and reliable ...


Aliant is a battery made with the most modern materials , and the cells used are lithium iron : this technique has a limited risk of thermal runaway and is therefore not subject to fires or explosions even in conditions of maximum stress.Inoltre , only inability to provide a liquid chemical inside, do not emit gases or explosive vapors - as opposed to a traditional battery . Nevermore A battery is connected in the garage all winter - with the risk of short circuits cause poor : only one charger Aliant and , if necessary, in pchissimo once the battery is fully charged !


Aliant , organic and eco-friendly ...


Aliant is a battery compliant with the RoHS standard, therefore , does not contain harmful elements for the environment. The total absence of heavy elements such as lead or and acidic solutions , typical of traditional batteries , it is a great value and a sign of respect for nature and the environment in which we live. The environmental impact of these batteries is limited , the materials are recyclable plastic casing : consider the environment before choosing your next battery .

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