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MPG Multi Purpose 4WD 2014

Sellholm MPG 4WD Gearbox

MPG Sellholm

European Rallycross winner
2006, 2007, 2009 , 2010, 2011, 2014


  • 5-speed
  • Dog Engaged
  • Open Face Design
  • Inline 4WD Gearbox
  • Forged Maincasing
  • Billet endcovers
  • Selection of both gearkits and dropgear
  • Frontcover and inputshaft is custom made
  • Centerdiff flange is CW or Knuckletyp

Updates 2014

  • 3-Stored mainshaft -Prevent bending under high loads and make shifting easier
  • Improval gearchange mechanism, with a more rigid desing, elimates the risk of flase neutral or missed gear
  • Multiple, big diameter, plantype centre diffrential with a selection of ramp

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MPG Sellholm kolfiberkoppling
MPG  Sellholm
MPG Multi Purpose 4WD 2014
Vi skräddarsyr din transmission efter dina önskemål.
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